About the SLVA

The Southeast Louisiana Veterinary Association is the association of veterinarians in 8 parishes of Southeast Louisiana. This official voice of the professional veterinary community provides established and ongoing lines of contact and communication into the membership via regular meetings, a monthly newsletter, and continuing education programs to keep veterinarians apprised of the latest in technological and scientific advances available for their profession.

Currently, and for almost three decades, the SLVA membership has serviced the myriad needs of the community through activities in both the private and public sectors. Every year on Palm Sunday, we participate in the low-cost Rabies Drive, in partnership with the Jefferson and LA/SPCA. We provide member vets to vaccinate thousands of cats and dogs every year. We have also started offering a Teddy Bear Repair booth at Jefferson SPCA’s annual Pet Fest in the fall. Children can bring their “injured” stuffed animals for volunteer veterinarians to suture and bandage using real medical equipment. Finally, we make appearances on radio and television to educate the public on pet issues.

We sponsor social events so we can develop professional friendships among local veterinarians. There is so much we can learn from each other, and a lot of fun to be had! Our annual Steak Dinner is a great time of year to catch up and enjoy a good meal and drinks, plus we offer various events to which members are invited year-round.